Módulo 2022.1 – Conflitos Geopolíticos e o Direito Internacional


Reunião 1 – 14/04/2022 – A função do Direito Internacional frente a conflitos geopolíticos

Leituras obrigatórias:

HAKIMI, Monica. The work of International Law. Harvard International Law Journal, v. 58, 2017. Ler as páginas 1-18, 26-34, 45-46 (28 pp.).

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Reunião 2 – 28/04/2022 – O direito internacional na disputa geopolítica entre Estados Unidos e China

Leitura Obrigatória – NOLTE, M. Causes and Casualties of History’s Largest Trade War. Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law, v. 28, 2021, pp. 82–110.

Leitura Complementar – DELISLE, J. Political-Legal Implications of the July 2016 Arbitration Decision in the Philippines-PRC Case Concerning the South China Sea: The United States, China, and International Law. Asian Yearbook of International Law, v. 21, n. 1, 2015, pp. 49–82.

Reunião 3 – 12/05/2022 – O direito internacional e a guerra do Tigré

Leitura Obrigatória – UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER. Report of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC)/Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Joint Investigation into Alleged Violations of International Human Rights, Humanitarian and Refugee Law Committed by all Parties to the Conflict in the Tigray Region of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. 3 nov. 2021. Ler páginas 1-6, 12-18, 85-87, 90-95.

Leitura Complementar – UNITED NATIONS. Situation of human rights in Ethiopia. Resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council on 17 December 2021, A/HRC/RES/S-33/1.

Reunião 4 – 26/05/2022 – O direito internacional e a guerra de proxies no Iêmen

Leitura Obrigatória – RUYS, Tom; FERRO, Lucca. Weathering the Storm: Legality and Legal Implications of the Saudi-Led Military Intervention in Yemen. International & Comparative Law Quarterly, v. 65, 2016. pp. 61-98.

Leitura Complementar – QURESHI, Waseem Ahmad. The Crisis in Yemen: Armed Conflict and International Law. North Carolina Journal of International Law, v. 45, 2020. pp. 227-268.

Reunião 5 – 09/06/2022 – O direito internacional no conflito entre Rússia e Ucrânia

Leituras Obrigatórias:

SALIBA, Aziz Tuffi; LIMA, Lucas Carlos. O que o direito internacional tem a dizer sobre a invasão da Ucrânia pela Rússia. O Globo: 01 de março de 2022. Belo Horizonte, p. 1-6. 01 mar. 2022.

PUTIN, Vladimir. Address by the President of the Russian Federation. Moscow: Kremlin, 24 fev. 2022.

Reunião 6 – 23/06/2022 – O direito internacional e o golpe de Estado em Myanmar

Leituras Obrigatórias:

UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER. Situation of human rights in Myanmar since 1 February 2021. A/HRC/49/72. Geneva: UN Human Rights Council, 15 mar. 2022.

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